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B88 Club VIP Tiers

The five tiers that form the backbone of B88CLUB VIP Program are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond. As a B88CLUB VIP member, you will receive exclusive offers, gifts, and bonuses as well as priority services







B88 CLUB is introducing an exclusive VIP program designed to give loyal members more reasons to continue trusting us as their entertainment provider.The purpose of having a tier-based program is to give members the incentives needed to upgrade progressively. Our focus is always on members’ satisfaction, especially VIP members. Because your satisfaction is our main concern.

How to Join our VIP?

With the new VIP Program, loyal members can get even more when playing in B88 CLUB. It is more than just incentives, we offer exclusive promotions for VIPs only and bonus plays with the best returns. In addition to the exclusivity, VIP members are our top priority. From depositing and withdrawal to any game issues, all VIP requests are first on our list.

B88 Club VIP Requirements

Maintaining your current tier or upgrading to a higher Tier is easy, you just need to meet the following requirement. Monthly Bonus points will be rewarded to players once there requirement are met.

B88 Club Tiers Tier Upgrade Points Tier points maintenance
SILVER 30,000 MYR 15,000 MYR
GOLD 100,000 MYR 70,000 MYR
PLATINUM 250,000 MYR 130,000 MYR
DIAMOND 1,000,000 MYR 500,000 MYR

How B88 Club VIP Works?

1. Regular members will automatically get upgraded to become VIP member after fulfilling the deposit requirement within the given timeframe.

2. Kick back, relax and start enjoying your VIP rewards!

3. To ensure that the transformation goes smoothly and efficiently, please adhere to all upgrading regulations. Feel free to contact our Customer Care agents should you require assistance.


The B88 CLUB VIP is issued by B88 CLUB and shall be subject to (1) the General Terms and Conditions of B88 CLUB and (2) the Terms and Conditions of B88 CLUB VIP listed below (“T & C of B88 CLUB VIP”). All members of B88 CLUB VIP shall be deemed to have read, understood, and agreed to the T & C as stipulated below:

The Terms & Conditions of B88 CLUB VIP:

1. For the first time upgrade, members are required to provide all the necessary documents for verification purposes. After the verification is complete, the membership status will be updated into the system within 3 working days.

The verification steps are as follows:
I. Verify Profile Details (Full name, Phone number and Email Address)
II. Verify Game Account Activity (Betting Style, Deposit & Withdraw Activity)

Important Note: Should there be any suspicious or abnormal activities during the 3-day verification period, the management reserves the right to reject the qualification to upgrade.

2. VIP Privilege can be enjoyed immediately after upgrading to the next tier level and is valid for 3 Months based on the highest tier achieved. Important Note: In order to retain your membership status, members are required to achieve the same requirement within a single quarter.

3. All VIP status upgrade invitations will be sent out by B88 CLUB VIP Department.

4. B88 CLUB reserves the right to remove members’ account VIP Privilege, and to downgrade the VIP levers or even terminate any accounts it deems to have any suspicious or abnormal activities at any time without any prior notice. Important Note: Every membership status subject to downgrade based on the account activities.

5. All B88 CLUB management decisions are final.